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About Me

I am Dr. Raj Grover, chairman, Grovemark group of companies. I have studied cosmetology in Germany and conducted extensive research in the field for some of the best companies in business. I am a staunch believer in ethical business practices and natural healing and these values form the core of my business. I have worked hard to ensure that these principles stay at the heart of Grovemark group of companies throughout its growth. I believe firmly in my principles of honesty and hard work. Being a person with a conservative bent of mind, I stick to my principles at all costs.

I respect all forms of life and believe in non-violence. In my entire span of more than 20 years as chairman of Grovemark, the company has strived to work in naturally sustainable way and we do not indulge in animal testing and child labour.

In my personal life; I have lived, loved and lost; I have trusted, I’ve beenhurt and I grieved; I have made mistakes but most of all, I have learned. With God’s blessings, I have faced the sad and troubled times withall the dignity that I can muster and have no complaints and no regrets.Having seen the dark abyss of poverty, I am determined to contribute towards the betterment of the society and Grovemark foundation today works tirelessly in different spheres of socio-economic and public health infrastructure.

I am a die-hard optimist and believe that one should master the art of triumphing over one’s problems. I believe one must show the courage to endure life’s ups and downs with courage and keep marching consistently towards one’s goal.

Grovemark’s mission is to provide groundbreaking research to manufacture superior quality products at affordable prices. The company has been successful beyond doubt in this mission.

In the near future, Grovemark is set to grow even more, shifting its production to regions that offer more opportunities for development. Living up the legacy of hard work and altruism of the company’s founder-chairman Mrs. Urmila Grover, I aim to use the company’s profits for development of the community. I am proud to report that Grovemark foundation contributes to the building up of infrastructure for social emancipation from its own profits, without depending on any sort of donation or help from anyone.