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About Me

The heart touching efforts and blessings of my mother Lt. Smt. Urmila Grover has made it possible for me to achieve the current position in my professional as well as personal life. 

Massage from Chairman’s Desk – 2014

it’s always touching when someone remembers the small and seemingly
insignificant personal details about you, not just because you
constantly have to remind them, but because they then take interest in you and pay attention to your words. I appreciate these thoughtfulpeople. But even to these people, I wish to say, you may know myname but not my story; you may see my smile but not my pain; you maynotice my scars but not my wounds; you may read my lips but not mymind; you may hear my words but not read my thoughts.

In my life’s quest to satisfy and make everyone else happy, I have made alot of compromises. In making these compromises, I have had tooverlook the many faults of others.That’s why I love straightforwardpeople! They make life so much easier because they are honest andforthright. With all the people who come in and out of our lives these arethe kind of people and relationships that you would want to hold onto.These kinds of people take permanent residence in my life, while the restare just passing through. It’s important to recognize the difference!

In my personal life; I have lived, loved and lost; I have trusted, I’ve beenhurt and I grieved; I have made mistakes but most of all, I have learned.Life has been my Teacher, my Guru and I have become its enlightenedpupil. With God’s blessings, I have faced the sad and troubled times with
all the dignity that I can muster and have no complaints and no regrets.

The Almighty has a plan for everyone and I willingly accept it.

How else would one explain our company’s growth, from a small naturalcosmetics business started in 1992 to today? Since its inception, our focushas always remained on our customers and their requirements. Ourobjective was, “to become a single brand providing multiple beautysolutions for every cosmetic requirement”. Today, Grovemark provides awide range of beauty products manufactured under strict guidelines,using natural ingredients having 0% side effects. Our quality productsprovide good value for money and this is the basis of our exponential
growth in the domestic and international markets alike.

Grovemark’s mission is to provide groundbreaking research to manufacture superior quality products at affordable prices. Whilst adhering to the highest international standards, our products enhance the beauty and personality of people of different races all around the world.

For 2014, Grovemark has initiated various new measures like  using ingredients sourced from eco- friendly processes; using 100% vegetarian ingredients.  We do not test our products on animals, we do not practice child labor, and  our products are free from harmful chemicals like petrochemicals, parabens and silicon.


Grovemark Methods Pvt. Ltd. has built committed alliances with two international companies from Germany and France to import eco-certified raw material and European technology to revolutionize our manufacturing techniques. In the coming years Grovemark is set to  turn around its manufacturing with the implementation of green technology. . In this New Year, Grovemark reiterates its commitment to providing quality products of international standards that produce results.

To cater to the growing demand, Grovemark aims to start its own e-commerce website so that its products are easily accessible online, to anyone, anywhere!


From humble beginnings, Grovemark has grown from in size and in strength, much like I have grown stronger. Forged by my misfortunes, Ihave gained strength and now accept and understand my painful andtraumatic experiences. People assume that to be strong is to never feelpain, but our circumstances can either define us or help us to grow andbecome stronger.I have chosen the latter route!I have chosen in this year 2014; to stand alone; to stand silent andstrong; and to not let my past; my personal and professional loss to definemy future.

With our new targets and outlook for 2014, I look back, to where we began, with the blessings and guidance of my mother Mrs. Urmila Grover – the late Founder & Chairperson of Grovemark Methods Pvt. Ltd. and I know she must be very proud of how far we have come! We miss her dearly.

I look forward to rising success in this New Year and welcome it with a quiet joy in my heart and a smile on my lips!

Dr .Raj Grover




I like rumours! I find out so much about me that I didn’t even know.

My success is, Faith on God and leaving up by the strict guidelines established by my mother Late Mrs. Urmila Grover. Her ethics, principles and values stand as a guide in my good or bad times. High values of our rich Indian & Punjabi culture along with traditions and their values have always made me act rightful and help needy along my path of life.

I have seen many colours of my life and even seen people changing color when I have come in my bad and sad times. I have experienced in my life, that “when ship get hole first rats jump out of the ship”. So in my bad & sad time people left me. I want to thank them. Their uncertain behaviour made me grow stronger from the pains, and it never destroyed me. Sometimes there is sadness in journey, but there is beauty. One must keep putting one foot in front, so I have changed our road map plan towards growing day by day strongly. Honesty, Ethics and not compromising my principles & values are expensive gift, only rich people by heart can have them. Strong People don’t put others down, they lift them up.

I don’t need to give explanation for anything cause I know that I am strictly following my mother guidelines and it says that, “Truth can walk naked, but a lie always need to be dressed”.

I have been inspired by a TV serial called “Oshin” – A Japanese story that relayed at my childhood times. Also my idol has always been Late Raj Kapoor, whose character and attitude to life have inspired me in so many different ways.

This success is not only my alone but of my team. My family member, good friends my staff, workers, people associated with me and our valuable customers that have trusted us, have played a main role cause of which today I am know in international platform by name and with dignity Dr. Grover

I wish you Maa, if you were there today to see our success and our efforts to make your dream come true.

Dr .Raj Grover

Dear friends,

Greetings at the close of a wonderful year! As a year draws to a close, our hearts and minds undergo transformation. Yesterday is behind you. Rebuild a life of your design. Do not let the past,

Fears of failures or rejection overwhelm your spirit. The whole sea can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, all the negativity in the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. Your best teacher is your mistake. If you feel like your ship is sinking it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that’s been weighing you down. Let go of what is bringing down and surround yourself with what brings out the best of you.

We at Grovemark have also resolved to give the best possible product and services to our customers. We have achieved success in manufacturing products that are free from animal ingredients, silicon, parabens, and petroleum products. Wewill be venturing into e-commerce by introducing shopping cart facilities on its website ( Similarly, we also plan to launch exciting new products that include a wide range of Ayurvedic oils, organic spices and organic tea.

Free and easy interaction between the company and its customers is key to setting up a successful business. I would like to share many interesting things about my life and my business withal of you friends and well-wishers of Grovemark. To that end, I have decided to start writing a blog ( to open for you a window to my heart.

In 2015, the Urmila Grover Fund will be renamed as Grovemark Foundation and will be expanding its area of work. This is a charitable organisation that works towards the emancipation of underprivileged children. 5- 10% of the company’s profits are donated for funding this organisation. Grovemark foundation does not accept any donations and government grants and functions solely on the revenue generated by Grovemark group of companies.

Last but not the least, our interactions with the people and our experiences in the world continue to shape us. I have learnt a lot from the experience I had while working here in Goa. Now I have decided that it is time Grovemark had a better, more convenient location for its headquarters. The company will be relocating elsewhere in a short while.</>

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people who have been a part of this wonderful journey. To those who hated me, thank you for making me a stronger person. To those who loved me, thank you for making my heart bigger. Thanks to those who entered my life for they made my life worth living. Thanks also to those who left me because they made me realise that nothing in life is permanent. I have learnt a great deal from everyone in this incredible journey. I thank my friends, allies, employees and colleagues and customers for making me what I am today.

All of you have played a vital part in shaping my life. I am only passing through this life taking all the love and care you all give me. I am just like a conductor who gives directions to the orchestra. You all have played the wonderful music that is my life.

With our new targets and outlook for 2015, I look back, to where we began, with the blessings and guidance of my mother Late Mrs.Urmila, we call her “Ma,” the Founder & Chairperson of Grovemark Group and I know she must be very proud of how far we have come! We miss her dearly.

Yesterday is behind you,
Rebuild a life of your design.
Do not let the past, fear of failure
Or rejection overwhelms your spirit.

Happy New Year !

Dr .Raj Grover