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The grace and beauty of a woman lies in her inner strength and like a diamond, tested in the fire of adversity, she shines forth brilliantly! A true embodiment of this spirit, the late Mrs. Urmila Grover fits perfectly into the coveted niche “A Woman of Substance”.

It started in the late 80s when (late) Urmila Grover’s dream started turning into reality. Impoverished and widowed, with her three kids, she blended home-made cosmetics using natural ingredients inBombay. With her enterprising young son Mr. Raj Grover, she sold these products to local beauty parlours. However, realizing the potential of a booming European clientele on the coastal belt inGoa, the Grover’s moved lock, stock and barrel to Old Goa in 1992.

In a fiercely competitive market, setting up a fledgling business was daunting, but Mrs. Grover held forth with sheer tenacity and determination. When the chips were down, she cheered her kids saying:” Don’t lose heart, when in battle soldiers rest and rise to continue the fight. In the same spirit you have to continue.” Another vital lessons from her was: To create quality products the person itself must be of quality value; loaded with ethics and have compassion for humans.

In search of better prospects, the Grover family shifted to Goa in 1992. The family took a little facility in old Goa on lease and focused on its core business of manufacturing cosmetics. While the elder daughter helped ‘Ma’ make the products, her young son Raj Grover sold the products on a bicycle going from Old Goa up to Vagatore. The business blossomed through the hard work of ‘Ma’ emphasizing on humanity in business, she kept up the values of honesty and discipline even when facing abject poverty.

She was the perfect quality control inspector, a sample of every batch was tested and personally tried on her before it went into the market.  “Never compromise on the quality of the product” was her eternal motto, which has today become the Company’s hallmark.

Her tremendous efforts came to fruition when they set up their first industrial unit at Verna Industrial Estate,Goain 1996.

This selfless lady, even in her darkest hour, was able to empathize with those in need.  She made a rule, which is religiously followed till date – five to ten percent of the net profit has to go into a charity account. Fund from this account is utilised by the company in running and maintaining Mandir Shree Kaladharji at Vrindaban,Mathura and other social institutions.

Bowing out gracefully to such a worthy opponent, adversity conceded success to this remarkable lady when she breathed her last on January 7, 1999.  The astounding success of Grovemark Methods Pvt. Ltd. today stands as tribute to the indomitable spirit of Urmila Grover.