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Who are Grover

Grover, (Hindi: ग्रोवर), is a name in common use by the predominantly by Sikh Jatt/Hindu Khatri communities in Punjab. Quite naturally, Punjabi is their mother language. One may seldom find this surname in use by some Muslim communities, most of whom live in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. The Grovers were mostly rich landlords and farmers, and they were one of the earliest Jatt Sikh Clans. They are good at mathematics and chemistry.

In India Punjab, Grovers are settled in large numbers in Kapurthala, Gurdaspur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Malout, Fatehgarh, Patiala, Sangrur, Nabha,Ludhiana, Malerkotla, Moga, Ferozepur, Bathinda, [[Sirsa, Haryana|Sirsa,Mandi dabwali famous town ], Ambala and Ropar areas in Malwa, Majha and Doaba and Dhapai.

The name itself is derived from the original surname Guruvara/Gorovare, (Hindi: गोरोवरा / गोरोवरे), which in turn derives from a Sanskrit word of (“guru/a” /गुरु“) “teacher/mentor” hence meaning ”the great teacher”.

Grovers today

Nowadays their population in India has decreased because majority of them have left India and have shifted to foreign countries.Due to their rare existence many people are not aware of them. Gorovares/ Grovers have migrated to all corners of the globe with significant populations having settled in parts of Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Late Mrs.Urmila Grover

Late Mrs.Urmila Grover’s dream has turned into reality today. Grovemark Methods Pvt Ltd. is fast becoming the spearhead solution to all the skin troubles in India and it’s all with her blessings.

It started in the late 80s in Bombay when (late) Urmila Grover, impoverished and widowed with her three kids, blended home-made cosmetics using natural ingredients. With her enterprising daughters Mrs Rupa Khambata, Late Miss Rekha Grover and son Dr Raj Grover, she sold these products to local beauty parlours. However, realizing the potential of booming European clientele in the Goan coastline, the Grover’s moved back to Old Goa in 1992.
Setting up a fledgling business in a fiercely competitive market was daunting but Mrs Grover was determined to succeed. When the chips were down, she continued to fight and encouraged her kids to not lose heart. She believed that, to create quality products the person himself should be of quality. Ethical and compassion towards humans is also a concern.
She was the perfect quality control inspector, a sample of every batch of products made were first tested on her and then sent into the market. “Never compromise on the quality of the product” was her motto, which has today become the Grovemark’s benchmark.
Having faith in her and struggling in adversity were fruition, when they set up their first industrial unit at Old Goa in 1992. Further due to the growing demand of the products, the operations were shifted to Verna Industrial Estate, Goa in 1996.
She breathed her last breath on January 7th 1999. All the working of the company is now handled by Dr Raj Grover the Chairman of Grovemark Methods Pvt. Ltd having a degree in D.B.I.M (Bombay) and Cosmetology from Germany. With the current position of the company since its inception in the marketing 1992, Dr Grover has proved that he is an able man to do the job.
He attributes his success as a cosmetologist and a businessman to his late mother and founder. Her motto ‘Never compromise on quality of the product’ has been his guiding philosophy.


Late Miss. Rekha Grover
Late Ms Rekha Grover has long been considered the backbone of the Grovemark Methods Pvt Ltd. Working with the company since it started it’s small scale production in Old Goa, Ms Rekha Grover has known the company proceedings inside out.
With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National College, Mumbai, Ms Rekha was an exemplar of hard work and perseverance for her siblings Raj and Rupa as well for the staff working in the company.
Ms Rekha Grover in addition to being receptive to new ideas also had a tough grind mentality which allowed her to work in varied fields for the company’s progress. Her obligations mainly consisted of overlooking the manufacturing and the back office tasks within the Grovemark plant in Verna, Goa.
Dr Raj Grover attributes her role in the organisation and her knowledge of the company proceedings as the main factors for Grovemark Methods in becoming Grovemark Methods Private Limited in the year 1995.
Her sad demise in the year 2003 from the world is considered a great loss for the Grovemark organisation and has created a hole in the company which they still find difficult to fill.



Late Mrs. Rajni Grover

In the year 2000 Mrs Rajni Grover, Late wife of Dr Raj Grover, entered the Grover family and was naturally insinuated in the Grovemark empire. Equipped with an LLB degree, in addition to MSc, Late Mrs Rajni Grover has had a vital role in bringing the company to its current position in the market.
In Grovemark, Mrs Rajni was responsible for handling the production records and making sure that the company plant adheres to the GMP norms strictly. She also actively participated in designing campaigns and building a trustworthy brand among the masses.
Always with a smile on her face, Mrs Rajni Grover welcomed queries and difficulties which arose within the organization and resolved them with calmness and tranquillity. This trait of Late Mrs Rajni Grover helped in setting up an amicable work environment in Grovemark.
Her good business acumen coupled with her vision made Mrs Rajni a great asset to Dr Raj Grover as well as the company. On 22nd Dec 2010 she bid adieu to the Grovemark empire and has left an ever growing legacy.




Dr. Raj Grover studied cosmetology in Germany in 1981 and on his return to Bombay, India, in 1984 he continued his extensive research in some of the best companies in the business, where he took up assignments.

In 1992, he established his own company Grovemark Methods in Goa, under the tutelage of his mother Mrs. Urmila Grover. Based on his scientific research he developed a unique Sunscreen Lotion which protects the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Renowned Dr. Rolf Schwarzenbach of F.Hoffman Limited,Switzerland acknowledged his work in 1999 by testing Grovemark samples. Dr Raj was also honoured with a Doctorate for his innovation. Today the product is ranked among the best sunscreens in the world and number one in Asia.

Dr. Raj Grover is the Chairman of the Grovemark Group. The Group comprises Grovemark Methods Private limited; Grovemark Specialities, and Shrimati Urmila Grover. It has grown into a multi-national with the London office heading the European market. Offices in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Canada are in the process of being developed and will be opened shortly. Success did not come so easy. We had our share of difficulties. But strong family ties helped the company to fight against all odds.

Generation I

The Grover lineage is traced back to Shri Eshwardasji Grover in Pakistan. Later they settled in Amritsar and became part of the royal family, through a marriage. It is believed Shri Eshwardasji donated funds for the construction of the Golden Temple of Amritsar in 1891 when funds were running low. A God fearing man, Eshwardasji was a down to earth, charitable man, with wealth bestowed by God’s grace. He led a happy family life and was blessed with a son.

Generation II
Lakshmandasji Grover, son of Shri.Eshwardasji Grover was born into a rich family. With all the comforts at his disposal, he was given the best education which helped to improve his business acumen. Needing to be close to a port, Lakshmandasji Grover settled down in the dock city of Karachi. In 1922 the Lakshmandasji Grover Company obtained an import – export license from the British, the rulers of India, then. He further expanded M/s. Eshwardas Lakshmandas business in Karachi and opened offices in Bombay, and formed a new company M/S Narayansingh Ramrathan in Kanpur and Amritsar. His business flourished and Lakshmandasji Grover was a happy family man, with a son and a daughter. In 1922,a natural calamity affected the family fortunes. A hailstorm of such magnitude followed by heavy rain destroyed the entire stock of raw materials in the Karachi godowns. This was a shock which left Lakshmandasji shattered. He couldn’t handle this trauma and died a broken man. He left a shattered company, a sad wife and their son Narayandas Grover with barely any resources.

Generation III
Shri Narayandasji Grover, son of Lakshmandas ji Grover, was a fighter and his motto was: Never give up. Taking over the reins of the company, Narayandasji Grover started from scratch. Aided by his mother who provided whatever funds she . Narayandasji Grover began rebuilding his ruined company. He re-established the contacts and improved business relationships which were strained due to the losses suffered by the family. With perseverance, intellect, and strong will power Narayandasji Grover was successful in bringing back the lost glory of the family business. The company was recognised by the government and a trademark registration of a candlestick telephone marked his business dealings. With the partition of India and Pakistan, Narayandasji Grover’s family shifted base from Karachi to India. Accommodations were hard to come by, so the family stayed in his sister’s house, who was married to Sant Ram Khutria, living in Kanpur. Together with his wife Vidhyavati Kaur Grover, the Narayandasji Grover family included three sons and five daughters. The sons were: D.N. Grover, M.N. Grover and C.N. Grover.

Generation IV

D.N. Grover being the eldest sons among the siblings took up the responsibility towards his family members. With old age catching up, the vast empire of the Khutria’s-( Narayan Singh Ram Ratan,) needed someone to take care of the business empire and which D.N. Grover obediently agreed to undertake this task. Married in 1954 to the daughter of the textile giant of Uttar Pradesh, Gopal Das Arora, running business in the name and style of M/S. Gopal Das Sarab Dayal, Kanpur and Amritsar.
D.N Grover had three children Rupa, Raj and Rekha. Upon the death of his uncle, Sant Ram Khutria and the subsequent death of his father Narayandasji Grover in the year 1962, D.N. Grover along with his wife Urmila Grover and their three children shifted to Bombay to forget the past and start afresh.

Generation V

Starting anew in Bombay, the Grover family supported each other. Mrs. Urmila Grover, a lady with immense will power and a desire to succeed formed the backbone of the family. The sad demise of D.N. Grover was a painful ordeal for the family, but it acted as a catalyst in their will to fight the adversities surrounding their family. Mrs. Urmila Grover became the founder of Grovemark Methods in the year 1992. Her children Rupa Grover (now Rupa Khambata), Dr. Raj Grover and Rekha Grover provided the support she needed to set up the company, with, each of them doing their bit towards the development of Grovemark.

Generation VI
Dr. Raj Grover, son of D.N. Grover and Urmila Grover is now the chairman of Grovemark Methods Pvt. Ltd. Under his administration, Grovemark has grown in leaps and bounds. With the market expanding, Grovemark has places to go. However this success achieved has been hard earned. With the establishment of Grovemark in the year 1992, Dr. Raj Grover has lost family members throughout the period. While the Grover family was still recovering from the loss of his mother Mrs. Urmila Grover in 1999, Dr. Raj Grover lost his beloved younger sister Rekha Grover in the year 2003. Her untimely death was a huge blow for the company as well for Dr. Raj. Further, Dr. Raj Grover lost his wife Rajni Grover in a tragic accident in 2010. Till today he has not gotten over the shock. However, he is blessed with a son Rishabh Grover who was born on 19.11.2000. He is in a boarding school in Ooty.