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Founder of Grovemark Methods Pvt Ltd, Late Mrs. Urmila Grover was a selfless lady. Before departing this world, she made sure she does something for the less fortunate. She established a rule asking for five to ten percent of the net profit to be deposited in their charity account. This rule is being religiously followed till date. Funds from this account are utilized in running and maintaining Mandir Shree Kaladharji at Vrindaban, Mathura and other social institutions.

Following in the footsteps of his kind hearted mother, Dr. Raj Grover also has many charitable donations in his account.
Holding religion as no bar, Dr. Raj Grover generously helped in providing monetary help in the flooring of the Verna Church near the Grovemark Methods plant.

Dr.Raj Grover has also been immensely charitable in providing books, stationery and other relevant materials in the Verna Government School. Being a active member in all the school endeavours.

Helped in the laboratory up gradation of the school’s Science Lab, thus helping children learn better.
Dr.Raj Grover has also had a hand in women empowerment, by providing sewing machines to widows, thus enabling them to earn a living for themselves and their family.